Centre Of It All

Established in 2011, Smith Realty and Associates has continued to grow into a well-respected, efficient team of Salespeople and Property Managers with a high focus on the customer.

After owning franchise group agencies and taking them to a top ten status within their groups, Principal Justin Smith saw the need for a central agency to service the middle of the Gold Coast without the restrictions of franchise boundaries and the cumbersome processes that franchise groups incur.

Community Driven Business

Real Estate is a community driven business and is best displayed in smaller business models that franchise groups can sometimes neglect. Living in a world where the best products and services can found by the stroke of a key, has allowed boutique agencies to gain the upper hand and have access to all that is offer towards marketing and selling property.

Great boutique agencies have a strong understanding of selling properties and also the advantages of a top performing property management team, that work hand in hand with each other.

Honest and Caring Approach

Smith Realty and Associates have a great understanding of real estate matters and an honest, caring approach to each individual’s unique situation. Combining this with a thirst for knowledge in our industry and a compassion for our community, we believe that we have much more to offer to our clientele of today and tomorrow.

Our Agents

Kimberley Ward


0419 984 189

07 5535 1015

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Tracey Shephard


0432 817 968

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Joanna Frances

Sales Consultant




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Lilli Smith

Administration Manager
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Justin Smith

Selling Principal


0414 230 753

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Kateryna Doroshenko

Property Investment Manager


0418 504 606

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